Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hassan is most commonly in Larache...

... Larache is Hassan's shop, office, and salon.
It's in London, Shoreditch, 30-32 Calvert Avenue, E2 7JP, across the road from Leila's shop where Jack masters coffee making, right next to Rochelle school where Hassan likes to shoot, not far away from our adored leather goods maker and showroom Ally Capellino. It is splendidly located at the foot of the magnificent and mythical Arnold Circus...
Larche is also where Hassan was born, on the North Atlantic side of Morocco.
" a l' arrache" in familiar French is "widely", or "roughly", does it ring a bell?

How ever you are the most welcome to come and visit us, or our local friends!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Yima T-Shirts

Hassan's T-Shirts are available here

Monday, 30 November 2009

Handmade by Hindi Zahra

While Hassan was in Morocco he got the chance witness the shooting of Tony Gatlif' s video clip: "Beautiful Tango".

Just after Eid celebration, in Fez the atmosphere seemed exhilarating, and powerful alike
Handmade, Zahra' s new album to be released in France in January 2010.

Photo: Hassan Hajjaj
Font-Logo: Marc Borgers

Friday, 20 November 2009

“1430 in CASA”

Hassan is the one launching Matisse Art Gallery in Casablanca.
Nabil EL MALLOUKI and Youssef FALAKY the owners of the Marrakesh based gallery have edited a deliciously witty bunch of pictures.
“1430 in CASA” is a visual celebration of Hassan’s Morocco, and Hassan’s friends.
Youssef Adel, Amina Annabi, Hindi Zahra, Marwan, Said, Saida, the Henna Girls from Jamaa al-Fna … are just some friends, or accountancies who have collaborated with Hassan. Being musicians, choreographers, artists, or craft-men and women, they are all the more essential in Hassan’s attempt to capture the share attitudes and expression.

"We Love Morocco" 2007/1427 (111,8 x 76,2 cm)

Through this selection of new and old work you are invited to share Hassan’s cheerful vision, discovering bridged cultures and generation.

Private view on the 20th Nov, from 7pm.
The exhibition goes on till the 5th Dec 2009

Matisse Art Gallery - N°2 rue du 6 octobre, (ex rue de la convention), Anfa, Casablanca.

1430 as the Islamic year for 2009. And CASA as home, or Casablanca!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hassan was back from Bamako...

Hassan's solo show in Bamako was overwhelming, spiced by many beautiful encounters. Is has received a positive critics like french reader can read here.
The Biennial is going on until December, if you pass by please send us your photo!
Hassan asked people to pause in Le Salon:

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

There it is...

... From the shoot in London.
This beautifull picture has been picked to to cover that Beautifull Tango...

Photo: Hassan Hajjaj
Font-Logo: Marc Borgers

Monday, 2 November 2009

Once, by hazard...

Once Marques Toliver met Samson Soboye by hazard, once Marques was visiting his new friend on Calvert avenue, he then met Hassan by hazard too. Once Marques was introduced to the crew who organized the party for Spike Lee, and a few times he played for some of us that night!
And once Marques played for us at Larache (Hassan's shop), and today here it is on

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


The press release is now available on line.
Please use this link by clicking on the title of this post to find out about the Biennial of African Photography.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hassan @ Sotheby' s / London

Classic Saeeda, one of Hassan's Iconic piece is part of the Arab and Iranian Art auctions.
Exhibition from 12-5pm Sunday 11th & 9am-430pm Monday 12th to Thursday 15th October.
Sotheby’s, 34-35 New Bond Street, London W1S 2RT
Nearest Tubes: Bond Street and Oxford Circus
Auction 3pm Friday 16th October.

If you check the link and watch the video, Hassan's work is the 4th one discussed

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hassan is in Marrakesh...

Probably busy eating some peanuts with his new friends... But mainly he went there to shoot Zahra!

From their previous shoots in London/Shoreditch (b&w), and Paris @ Andy Whaloo.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Do the right thing

Hassan laid out the déco for "Do the Right Thing" 20th anniversary. The the ex-Double Club (a last minute location) became Hassan's play-ground for a day. Him and his assistants turned the bare warehouse in vibrant environment to welcome Spike Lee's guest.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Hassan @ the Bamako Encounters

Hassan is part of the Bamako Encounters in the "Monographs" which focus on 7 artists and their particular visions of borders.
Hassan Hajjaj left Morocco to live in London when he was still an adolescent. Obliged to create himself out of both African and European references, in his work he puts together a multicoloured world in which the great Western trademarks mingle with Islamic traditions. On the borderline between the kitsch and the playful, Hassan Hajjaj plays with Orientalist references and stereotypes to reveal portraits of character behind the veil of the superficial. He thus questions our insatiable desire to set boundaries, making use of a sometimes sarcastic humour that enables him to raise the essential question of what makes identity.

Bamako Encounters, Biennial of African Photography, 7 Nov - 7 Dec

Held every two years since 1994 based on research work conducted all over Africa, the Bamako Encounters, Biennial of African Photography seek to promote regional integration and facilitate North-South cultural exchanges by creating an international cultural centre in Bamako that testifies to the wealth and vitality of the photography produced on the continent. These Encounters constitute an opportunity for exchange and dialogue enabling African photographers to show off their talents, to meet one another, and to reveal their works to the world. But they are also a window that enables the general neophyte photography public to get to know photography as a means of expression. This is, obviously, an international artistic and cultural event, co-produced by the Ministry of Culture and Culturesfrance.
Samuel Sidibé Delegate General of the 8th Bamako Encounters