Friday, 20 November 2009

“1430 in CASA”

Hassan is the one launching Matisse Art Gallery in Casablanca.
Nabil EL MALLOUKI and Youssef FALAKY the owners of the Marrakesh based gallery have edited a deliciously witty bunch of pictures.
“1430 in CASA” is a visual celebration of Hassan’s Morocco, and Hassan’s friends.
Youssef Adel, Amina Annabi, Hindi Zahra, Marwan, Said, Saida, the Henna Girls from Jamaa al-Fna … are just some friends, or accountancies who have collaborated with Hassan. Being musicians, choreographers, artists, or craft-men and women, they are all the more essential in Hassan’s attempt to capture the share attitudes and expression.

"We Love Morocco" 2007/1427 (111,8 x 76,2 cm)

Through this selection of new and old work you are invited to share Hassan’s cheerful vision, discovering bridged cultures and generation.

Private view on the 20th Nov, from 7pm.
The exhibition goes on till the 5th Dec 2009

Matisse Art Gallery - N°2 rue du 6 octobre, (ex rue de la convention), Anfa, Casablanca.

1430 as the Islamic year for 2009. And CASA as home, or Casablanca!

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