Friday, 28 January 2011

'Africa: See you, See Me.' in Italy

Firenze, Via San Zanobi 32r – 50129

Dates: February 17, 2011 – April 22, 2011

ROMA, Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1 - 00154

Dates: April 27, 2011 – May 31, 2011

Curator : Professor Awam Amkpa New York University

The exhibition, sponsored by Africa.Cont , explores the experience of African immigrants in Europe and offers new perspectives and frameworks of analysis in relation to its presence in Europe.

Through photography, the exhibition presents several stories of African migrants since its uncertain voyage from Africa to Europe, to multiple forms of engagement and building community ties in Europe.

With nearly 100 works that focus on communities in Italy, France and Spain, the exhibition will also give particular importance to some examples in Portugal, where the curator has established contacts with several photographers and associations working in geographical areas marked by the African presence.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Le Salon in le Play Ground

Play Ground
5th February – 8th May 2011
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery (in partnership with The City Gallery)
Cory Arcangel, Angela Bulloch, Marcel Duchamp, Hassan Hajjaj, Fischli and Weiss, Takashi Murata, Bob and Roberta Smith, Mungo Thomson, Erwin Wurm.

At an art gallery we usually have to follow a series of rules. Don’t touch the work, don’t run, don’t shout, don’t play. Don’t, in short, have fun. We thought it would be good to try something else – this exhibition shows contemporary artists that treat the gallery like a fairground rather than a church.

The exhibition features Hassan Hajjaj’s Le Salon, a Moroccan influenced café, American artist Mungo Thomson’s production of a large inflatable as an artwork. Angela Bulloch’s light installations that respond to the audience chanting football songs, amazing films of mechanical wonders by Fischli and Weiss and Erwin Wurm’s prints giving instructions on how to turn yourself into a sculpture for one minute.

So welcome to Play Ground, where we can touch the art (at least mostof it), where we can shout and sing and where you should have fun. In this exhibition the play is as important as the ideas it may stimulate.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Jameel Prize in Casablanca at La Villa Des Arts

“The Jameel Prize 2009” exhibition of Victoria & Albert Museum in London, organised by Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM), opens its doors on November 12, 2010. The Prize, which is given to contemporary artists and designers who are inspired by the Islamic art and culture, aims to raise awareness of the thriving interaction between contemporary practice and the rich artistic heritage of Islam, and to contribute to a broader debate about Islamic culture. The inaugural prize was won by New York-based Iranian-born artist Afruz Amighi for her submission, 1001 Pages (2008), and will be shown alongside works by the 8 shortlisted artists and designers. The Jameel Prize 2009, which is an exhibition of contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition, can be seen from 28 January till 26 February 2011