Friday, 9 October 2009

Hassan @ the Bamako Encounters

Hassan is part of the Bamako Encounters in the "Monographs" which focus on 7 artists and their particular visions of borders.
Hassan Hajjaj left Morocco to live in London when he was still an adolescent. Obliged to create himself out of both African and European references, in his work he puts together a multicoloured world in which the great Western trademarks mingle with Islamic traditions. On the borderline between the kitsch and the playful, Hassan Hajjaj plays with Orientalist references and stereotypes to reveal portraits of character behind the veil of the superficial. He thus questions our insatiable desire to set boundaries, making use of a sometimes sarcastic humour that enables him to raise the essential question of what makes identity.

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  1. Dear Hassan
    I am a radio producer at the BBC World Service and work on the daily arts programme here. Were you in Bamako for the Biennial? And if so, do you think you could please drop me a line? I'd like if possible to do something on our programme about the event.
    Anna McNamee, Senior Producer
    The Strand
    BBC World Service Radio